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SW Media is a promising startup that aims to revolutionize the social networking industry by introducing a new platform specifically designed for sailors. The platform's primary objective is to provide an innovative way for users to interact and share their experiences with other sailors on similar or nearby routes.
The most significant feature of the SW Media platform is its user-friendly interface, which resembles that of popular social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook. However, its integration with maps and geolocation serves as the foundation for the complex algorithm that powers the post feed, making it unique and distinguished from its competitors.
Through the SW Media platform, users can create their sailing routes and effortlessly engage with other users on similar routes. The algorithm ensures that users receive relevant posts from other users based on their geographical location, providing a more personalized experience.
  • First MVP version
  • Final product version
  • System design from scratch
  • Full-stack web software development
  • Project management
Core Features
  • Social media feed
  • Maps and geo-location integration
  • Responsive design
  • Backend: Node.js, Typescript, Apollo server/GraphQL, Prisma
  • Frontend: React.js, Next.js, Typescript, Styled Components
  • Tools: Google maps api, Sendgrid
  • Infra: AWS (RDS, Lambda), Heroku
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