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Folio Connect is a cutting-edge marketplace for professional services, offering seamless access to specialized consulting services without the need for tedious scheduling. Our platform enables you to connect with expert consultants and receive real-time video conferencing support to address your queries and resolve your problems effectively. With our streamlined interface and personalized approach to professional services, Folio Connect is poised to revolutionize the way you access expert advice and solutions.
  • First MVP version
  • Final product version
  • System design from scratch
  • Full-stack web software development
  • Project management
Core Features
  • User & Permissions platform
  • Payment & Subscriptions
  • Real-time video conference
  • Responsive design
  • Dispatching logic, to find professionals
  • WhatsApp api integration
  • Backend: Node.js, Typescript, Rest API/Express, Apollo server/GraphQL, Prisma, Amplify
  • Frontend: React.js, Typescript, React Query, Apollo client, Styled Components
  • Tools: Sendgrind, Twilio, Calendly, Stripe, Customer.io, Dailyco
  • Infra: AWS (Lambda, ClouldWatch, DynamoDB, Cognito, AppSync, CodePipeline, CodeBuild, S3, Amplify)
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